King George V 1925 Farthing

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There is 1 known variety of this coin.

What Happened in 1925?

  • Ho Chi Minh founds the Vietnamese Nationalist Party
  • Chrysler Corporation founded by Walter Chrysler.
  • Louis Armstrong returns to Chicago and forms his own group, Louis Armstrong's Hot Five.
  • Ford Motor Company buys the Stout Metal Airplane Company, leads to the production of the Ford Trimotor aircraft in 1926 .
  • Physicists W.K. Heisenberg and Niels Bohr develop quantum mechanics, a key concept in modern physics.
  • Cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere are first discovered by R.A. Milliken.
  • Vladimir Zworykin files for color television patent, which he receives in 1928
  • Hitler reorganizes the 27,00 member Nazi party
  • Western Electric Research Laboratories and part of the engineering department of AT&T are consolidated to form Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.