Queen Victoria Bun Head Farthing 1861

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Obverse ? - 5 berries, 1.5 Stops After F:D R/R in BRITT I/I & O/G VICTORIA Reverse 2 - Wider date, larger spacing between 6 and 1

Obverse Design:

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  • There are 8 known varieties of this coin.

What Happened in 1861?

  • Telegraph brings Pony Express to an abrupt end.
    First chemical means to color photography.
    Oliver Wendell Holmes invents stereoscope.
    Alexander II's Russian Act of Emancipation frees the serfs.
    Eberhard Faber builds in New York City the first pencil factory in the United States
    Villeroi obtained a contract from the U. S. Navy for the 46-foot-long submarine the "Alligator."
  • William I becomes king of Prussia.
    The first Italian parliament is convened by Victor Emmanuel II.
    Great Britian takes possesion of Lagos Island (Nigeria).
    Bismark is made foreign minister of Prussia.
    Horaces L. Hunley was approved for priviteering operation of "Pioneer," by the CSS - a 20-foot long three-man submarine designed and built by James McClintock.