Queen Victoria Bun Head Farthing 1863

Farthing Details:

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Obverse A Colon after F:D: Reverse 1 Normal (Green lines from scanner)

Obverse Design:

Reverse Design:


  • There are 4 known varieties of this coin.

What Happened in 1863?

  • The Polish revolt again, and are again defeated by the Russians
    Large U.S. cities get free home delivery of mail.
    First international postal conference held in Paris.
    The US Navy submarine  'Alligator' founders and sinks in a storm while being towed.
    Construction begins on the First Transcontinental Railroad in Sacramento, California
  • Edison obtains telegraph job for the Grand Trunk Railway in Ontario.
    Edison returns to the U.S. in the fall and goes from city to city as a telegraph operator.
    The Irish People newspaper founded.
    Thomas Nast draws the modern Santa Claus for Harper's Weekly, although Santa existed previously.