Queen Victoria Bun Head Farthing 1880

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Obverse A 4 Berries 1.5 Colon after F:D Reverse 1 Normal

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  • There are 4 known varieties of this coin.

What Happened in 1880?

  • aug 02 - Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) adopted officially by British Parliament
    nov 02 - James Garfield (Rep) elected president.
    British factory workers begin to play soccer
    Rinderpest leads to famine in East Africa.
    Auguste Rodin sculpts "The Thinker".
    First photos in newspapers, using halftones.
    Edison invents the electric light.
    France's Leblanc theorizes transmitting a picture in segments.
    First parcel post.
    Business offices begin to look modern.
  • There are 30,000 telephones in use around the world
    Edison discovers phenomenon which is later termed the "Edison Effect".
    |IRELAND| Captain Boycott and evictions.
    |IRELAND| Charles Stewart Parnell starts a love affair with Mrs O'Shea.
    R.G. Rhodes creates a hearing aid, a thin sheet of hard rubber or cardboard placed against teeth which conducts vibrations to the auditory nerve.
    |STATUS|USA| population c50,155,783; Black population c6,580,793