Queen Victoria Bun Head Farthing 1881H

Farthing Details:

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Obverse A Normal Reverse 3 - H is centrally placed between the 8's, but well above linear circle
Obverse A Normal Reverse 2 H is slightly nearer the first 8 than the second 8, but well above linear circle

Obverse Design:

Reverse Design:


  • There are 8 known varieties of this coin.

What Happened in 1881?

  • New York City's oldest independent school for girls, the Convent of the Sacred Heart New York (91st Street), is founded.
  • Edward Rudolf founds the 'Church of England Central Society for Providing Homes for Waifs and Strays' (now The Children's Society).
  • The Pali Text Society is founded.
  • University College Dublin is established in Ireland.
  • The United States National Lawn Tennis Association (USNLTA) is founded, and the first U.S. Tennis Championships are played.
  • The League of the Three Emperors is resurrected.
  • Some Vatican archives are opened to scholars for the first time.
  • Abilene, Texas is founded.
  • The Newcastle United F.C. is founded as the Stanley F.C., with a further name change to Newcastle East End F.C. a few months later.
  • The Leyton Orient F.C. is founded.
  • Minto, North Dakota is founded.
  • Rafaela, Argentina is formed.
  • Culford School, a public school in Suffolk, United Kingdom, is founded.
  • Anti-Semitic pogroms in Southern Russia start.