Queen Victoria Young Head Farthing 1845

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Obverse B - Small Date Tilted 8 (9 Border Teeth) Reverse 1 - Normal

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  • There are 7 known varieties of this coin.

What Happened in 1845?

  • jan 09 - In its pre-telegraph era, The Times, the newspaper in London which prides itself on getting the news by fastest means possible, publishes reports from Berlin (1 week old); New York (4 weeks old); Rio (6 weeks) and the Cape (8 weeks old)
    apr 01 - The Washington-Baltimore telegraph line is commercialized.
    may - Magnetic Telegraph Co. is formed in USA, and Electrical Telegraph Co, in Britain
    aug 28 - Scientific American begins publication
    dec 29 - U. S. President James Polk signs legislation making Texas the 28th state of the United States.
    Postal reform bill lowers rates and regulates domestic and international service.
    English Channel cable.
    The typewriter ribbon.
    Jean Foucault takes the first photograph of the sun.
    Ireland's ? potato famine begins.
    Edgar Allan Poe [b.1809-d.1849] writes "The Raven"
    The first public codes for electric telegraph used in USA. The system, compresses the length of messages, improves the transmission speed and provides some privacy to messages
    Abby Kelly helps establish an influential newspaper in the Western Reserve The Antislavery Bugle (soon has 700 subscribers); joins fellow abolitionist Stephen Foster in Quaker marriage at the age of 34; moves to Salem, Ohio; has daughter Alla.