Queen Victoria Young Head Farthing 1847

Farthing Details:

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Obverse B - High 4 Reverse 2 - Normal
Obverse B - High 4 Reverse 1 - Normal
Obverse A - Normal Reverse 2 - Normal

Obverse Design:

Reverse Design:


  • There are 4 known varieties of this coin.

What Happened in 1847?

  • feb - Thomas Alva Edison, US inventor, born.
    mar - Alexander Graham Bell, father of the telephone, born.
    dec - Joseph Pulitzer, a newspaperman is born.
    x - A Philadelphia newspaper rolls off a rotary printing press.
    x - First use of telegraph as business tool.
    x - |England| Bakewell constructs a "copying telegraph."
    x - Ireland's potato famine ends.
    x - The Bronte sisters publish; Jane Eyre by Charlotte and Wuthering Heights by Emily
    x - Christian VIII of Denmark dies and Frederik becomes king.
    x - Concern over the stability in the Helstat grows.
    x - Otto von Bismarck starts his political life as a substitute delegate to the Prussian United Diet.
    x - 4,000 miles of telegraph lines in Britain, established by the Electrical Telegraph Co.
    x - |Paris| 500,000 photographic plates are sold
    x - Marinioni's machine automatically printing the verso and recto of each sheet came into service in France for the newspaper La Presse.