Queen Victoria Young Head Farthing 1849

Farthing Details:



  • There are 4 known varieties of this coin

What Happened in 1849?

  • mar 03 - Minnesota joins the United States
    The photographic slide.
    |FINLAND| Second, larger edition of the Kalevala is published by Elias Lonnrot.
    Californian Gold Rush. Great Britain proclaims Vancouver Island a Crown Colony.
    Attempts to create an all-German union collapses.
    Prussian state telegraph service established
    Julius Reuter's news agency uses homing pigeons to bridge the Aachen/Brussels gap between the German (Berlin-Aachen) and French (Paris-Brussels) telegraph lines.
    Edgar Allan Poe [b.1809] dies
    Denmark becomes constitutional monarchy
    Joseph Fry makes the first chocolate bar