Queen Victoria Young Head Farthing 1851

Farthing Details:


  • There are 6 known varieties of this coin.

What Happened in 1851?

  • may 01 - British Crystal Palace Exposition in Hyde Park, London with over 13,000 exhibitors
    nov - The first underwater telegraph cable laid between Calais, France and Dover, UK by John and Jacob Brett
    dec 04 - Failed coup d'etat in France.
    The Erie railroad depends on the telegraph.
    Frederick Scott Archer invents wet-plate photography process, enables the mass production of albumen prints of extremely fine detail
    |England| Talbot takes a flash photograph at 1/100,000 second exposure.
    The first America's Cup is organized.
    Gold discovered in Australia.
    Moby Dick published by Herman Melville.
    The New York Times is founded.
    Ariel and Umbriel, moons of Uranus, discovered by William Lassell.