Queen Victoria Young Head Farthing 1854

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Obverse B - 4 Over 4 WW Incuse Reverse 1 - Normal

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  • There are 7 known varieties of this coin..

What Happened in 1854?

  • may 30 - Kansas-Nebraska act is passed. It repeals the Missouri compromise of 1820-21.
    sep 14 - |Crimean War| A joint invasion force comprising British, French, and Turkish elements land in Calamita Bay.
    sep 20 - |Crimean War| The Allies reach the Alma and meet the Russians in battle. The Russians are routed in three hours
    oct - |Crimean War| 34 year old Florence Nightingale with 38 nurses that met her high standards, set out to care for the wounded and ill at Scutari.
    oct 17 - |Crimean War| The Allies opened up their bombardment of Sebastopol and continued it for the next two days without noticeable success.
    oct 25 - |Crimean War| The charge of the Light Brigade
    oct 25 - |Crimean War| Campbell formed his men into line, and the probing Russian advance was driven off with volleys of musket fire. This action became known as "the thin red line,"

    nov 04 - |CRIMEAN WAR| Battle of Inkermann, or "the Soldier's Battle"
    win of 1854/55 - |CRIMEAN WAR| The shortcomings of the British military supply system were thrown into sharp focus, as thousands of men died from illness, exposure and malnutrition, four times as many that died from enemy action.
    George Boole [b.1815-d.1864] publishes An investigation into the Laws of Thought, on Which are founded the Mathematical Theories of Logic and Probabilities. In it Boole formulates the basis for Boolean algebra.
    The first pneumatic mail tube installed underground by Josiah Latimer Clark between London Stock Exchange and Central Telegraph Office.
    The Times in London publishes a speech by Napoleon III telegraphed to them by Reuter's man in Paris

    Bourseul in France builds an experimental telephone.
    Carte-de-visite process simplifies photography.
    Curved stereotype plate obviates column rules; wide ads soon.
    Charles Dickens publishes Hard Times.
    Munich Exhibition.
    P. T. Barnum unsuccessfully attempts to revive the New York Crystal Palace exposition of 1853.
    Wilhelm Bauer builds the 52-foot submarine the "Diable Marin" (Sea Devil) for Russia.