King William IV 1834 Farthing

Farthing Details:

  1. Diameter : 22mm, Weight : 4.71g
  2. Mintage 1,935,360 
  3. Value ranges from £4.00 - £300.00 depending on condition (Source Collectors Coins GB 2009)

  4. 1831 | 1834 | 1835 | 1836 | 1837

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    Incuse line on Saltire
    Raised line on Saltire

    Obverse Design:

    Reverse Design:


    There are 3 known varieties of this coin.

    • What Happened in 1834?

    • Edgar Degas born in Paris.
    • Babbage conceives the analytical engine, forerunner of the computer.
      The Spanish Inquisition ends.
      The Poor Law Amendment Act is passed in Great Britain.
      Charles Babbage completes his drawings for a mechanical computer. The work on the project, privately financed by Babbage himself and carried out in association with Lady Ada Lovelace, is stopped by his death, in 1871 
      Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English Romantic poet, philosopher, newspaper writer, and teacher, dies